“Best of Consulting 2018, Special Award Pro Bono”, with „Education Project” – a project in collaboration with Tausche Bildung für Wohnen e.V.. This award makes us very proud and eager to realize more compelling and innovative projects in the future. More about the pro bono project you can find here.

“Best of Consulting 2017, Special Award Innovation”, with „Last Mile Delivery with Autonomously Driving Robots” – a project in collaboration with the METRO AG.

Our services

futurest stands for ground-breaking developments of sustainable ideas, products and services. Our future and innovation concepts are driven by decades of experience, in-house developed methods and creative brainstorming.

“Our future is going to be unique. With the active participation of our clients, we shape the future – from trend analyses to implementation.”

We support our clients, starting with trend analyses to finally implementing the most promising innovation ideas. A collaboration with futurest yields technologically feasible and profitable products to inspire users. We are convinced that one of the mains reasons for our success is the close collaboration with our clients and their staff. Together we shape the future.


We are convinced: Our work is relevant to all fields of industry. At present, a growing number of clients are from the following business sectors:
  • Retail
  • Creative business
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunication


Fields that provide a scientifically sound framework for what we do:
  • Service Design
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Business & Social Sciences


Practices and tools to support our everyday tasks:
  • Human Centered Design
  • Iterative Work
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Journey- & Touchpointmapping


Condensed formats: learn from us, get inspired, shape up for the future
  • Learning Journeys
  • Workshops
  • Keynotes
  • Presentations & Meetups

How we work

Creating innovative products and services requires special methodic knowledge and the ability to allow taking the user, technology and the business model into consideration.
Depending on our perspective, we work user-oriented and exploratively during the design process.

Desirability – Knowing the User:

The core element “desirability” focuses on the question whether the newly developed solution can actually solve the user’s real problems. We deal with the questions: What problems are there from the user’s perspective? What are the tasks (functional, emotional, social) that the user is trying to solve? What are the user’s needs and desires? These are questions we try to solve with the methods of design research and design strategy.

Feasability – Assess your Strength:

The core element “feasibility” deals with a company’s operational ability to make use of and implement innovations, in particular from a technological point of view. The technological feasibility of an idea is a necessary precondition for an innovation to be strategically fit. We know the trends and the driving forces for future business, and we know how to prototypically conceptualize and implement them today. For that, we analyze and objectively evaluate our clients’ strength and weaknesses to create new solutions and eventually implement them. To achieve this, we use foresighting, trend and technology analysis and innovation management methods to find answers for “whether and how issues can be solved technologically and organizationally”.

Viability – Test your Long-Term Growth:

The core element “viability” assesses the value of a new solution: “Is the business model a good match for our clients’ usage behaviour and does it lead to sustainable profit?” Positive revenue and a scalable business model are the basis of successful services and business models – today and in the future.
In all three fields, we look for possible change and problem solutions by shifting our mindset through hard work, design thinking, further innovative work methods as well as cultural factors.

“We are interdisciplinary experts. For the iterative development of products and services, we put the focus on the user, their needs and problems.”

Our Work

Multiple strategy and innovation development projects have shown us that successful consulting needs to be coupled with joint innovation work. This is why we compiled a dynamic team to come up with business strategies and immediately fill them with tangible content.

We are experts in telecommunication, the energy sector, automobility, media and the stationary trade. Our future will be unique, which is why we are driven to create a unique atmosphere for our clients. We are non-conformist, but in a good way.

The clients of futurest include large corporations, e.g. Deutsche Telekom AG and METRO AG, big organizations such as the European Union, associations such as Radiozentrale and media companies such as WDR Mediagroup and the Universal Music Group.

futurest conceptionally supported the realization of the T-Gallery.

Implementation of a holistic innovation management system for medium and large companies


Development of store concepts & prototyping for retailer of consumer electronics

Experience and education in vertical farming

Journey and touchpoint mapping

User-centred concept testing in virtual reality

Learning journeys

Babak ZeiniFounder & Managing Partner

Manuel KreutzPartner

Stefanie GraweIntegrated Designer

Sten RüdrichGraphic Designer

Miriam KeppertOffice Manager

RisoDo-Nothing Consultant


futurest GmbH
Niehler Straße 104
50733 Köln

+49 221 5006064-1